Updated: Jun 20

Who we are

Wilson and Wilson Creations is a small business that provide hand crafted accessories such scrunchies, face mask, and drawstring bags. Our business is a brand built on hard work with a positive attitude. The brand was created in 2017, with nothing more than a business idea. Today, Wilson and Wilson Creations has grown from Flea markets and yard sales to selling products online across the United States.

What we do

Wilson and Wilson Creations is committed to creating high quality products that are easy to use. From fashionable scrunchies to beautiful face mask, Wilson and Wilson Creations is here to take care of your everyday needs.

Why we do it

We believe in providing a friendly atmosphere as well as affordable prices to meet our customer’s expectation. If You're Looking for a Friendly Sewing Shop with Affordable Prices, Come See Us Today.

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